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Tools to determine nutritional deficiencies and assist in patient health.

Gluten and SP products (Important read)

How much is too much? Does the source matter, and other relevant questions. (request document)

Toxicity Questionnaire

A patient intake form to help identify if a patient is a candidate for the Purification program. (request document)

Substance Survey

A patient intake form to identify what prescriptions, over the counter medications, supplements, and herbs that the patient is taking. (request document)

Daily Record of Food Intake

A patient intake form to log patient’s daily food intake to help determine what foods they are eating and what food they are missing. (request document)

Drugs that Gobble

A short guide of prescription drugs and the nutrients they potentially deplete. (request document)

Organic vs. Commerical- Is Organic Really Better?

A document exploring critical differences between organic and conventionally grown food. By Dr. Holly Carling Ph.D (request document)

Food Intolerance

A document that explores differences between food tolerances and sensitivities. (request document)

Patient Schedule

A form to assist patients with their supplement schedule and usage. (request document)

Acupuncture Nutrition articles from Marlene Merritt L.Ac

These are list of articles she's done on Acupuncture Today specifically on Nutrition (request document)

Understanding SP Ingredients

Understanding the SP philosophy of supplementation (request document)

Categories of Glandulars

A brief Description of the different animal tissues SP uses. (request document)

Fiber Supplements

Comparing fiber supplements SP offers (request document)

Nutritional Wisdom of the Masters (Lee Transcripts)

Transcript of some products by Dr. Lee (request document)

Special Formulas

A list of combination products used in the SP whole food line. (request document)

Sugar: 78 Ways It Can Ruin Your Health

A list of possible dangers in eating sugar (request document)

Is Sugar Toxic?

From New York Times article by Gary Taubes (request document)

Facts and Myths about Cholesterol

Get the truth about Cholesterol through the Framingham study and it's implications. (request document)

Why You Gain Weight

An article by Holly Carling.  (request document)

Herbal Strategies for Lupus

from Dr. Kerry Bone  (request docuement)

Herbal Strategies for Multiple Sclerosis

from Dr. Kerry Bone  (request document)


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