Gut Flora Training with Dr. Stuart White and Lee Carroll

Learn about the protocol that is designed to encourage gut flora balance and support gut health in the following ways:

Promotes healthy and balanced intestinal flora

Cleanses the lower gastrointestinal tract

Maintains a healthy GI environment

Supports healthy digestion Improves nutrient absorption

Supports healthy immune system function

Maintains healthy skin

Promotes vitality and stamina

Improves effectiveness of other protocols

Supports healthy female hormonal balance

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Effective Herbal Strategies for Heavy Metal Toxicity

Monthly Webinar from Sept. 1, 2011 with Herbal Medicine Specialist- Lee Carroll B.Sc

Heavy metal toxicity is a huge drain on our nation's health.
This is more apparent in Southern California than almost all States.
Get some fabulous insights into how you can improve your patients general health and well-being in addition to improving their ability to heal.

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New Solutions for Supporting Adrenal Health

Monthly Webinar from June 2011, with Herbal Medicine Specialist- Lee Carroll B.Sc

General Adaptive Syndrome

How is moderate stress helpful?



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Successful Herbal Strategies for Allergies

Monthly Webinar from Oct. 2011, with Herbal Medicine Specialist- Lee Carroll B.Sc

Allergic diseases are commonly found throughout the world and are increasing at an alarming rate

30% in the industrialized nations

When supporting patients with allergies, as well as aiming at supporting the allergic response per se, we also need to consider the contributing and sustaining factors


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Innovative Insights into Auto Immune Disease

Monthly Webinar from Nov. 2011, with Herbal Medicine Specialist- Lee Carroll B.Sc

It is just over 100 years since the first autoimmune disease was described and in that time the list of autoimmune diseases has steadily grown

It is estimated that approximately 5% of the world’s population have an autoimmune disease

Autoimmune diseases affect almost every major organ of the body

Understanding the precise aetiology of autoimmunity remains an important challenge for health research


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East LA Study Groups

Topic: The Ideal Dispensary

Tues September 24th 1:00-2:00pm @ Miller Family Health in Arcadia (lunch provided) 

West LA Study Groups with Julie Jordan

Topic: The Ideal Dispensary

Thurs September 19th 12:30-2:00pm @ The Remedy Pharm (lunch provided)

Thurs September 26th 9:30-11:00am @ The Coffee Connection (drinks + GF muffins)


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